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Gigging in San Juan Bautista!

This is a photo from my performance at Credo Studios in San Juan Bautista--it was very exciting and they honored me so very much--they loved my plática y poesía. One of my fave parts was right after the gig when we sat around, drank wine, relaxed and Jeremiah serenated me with a new song--he's such a talented musician, singer, actually the entire familia is! And I feel so honored that they call me "Maestra" as we used to do with the Great José Montoya, my compadre, who was there in spirit!


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Jamming in SLO!

My song Poyita I had so much fun jamming this past weekend with Miguel Harris, Mesisha and Josef from Crippled Pink.  They will all accompany me (or vice versa) on Saturday, April 16, 2-4 at SLO Libra

Crippled Pink y Yo

My day Yesterday I jammed here at home with Miguel and Joseph from Crippled Pink. They came by to help me record the song "Joanne's Song" that I wrote for my Uncle Manuel.  I was so happily surprised

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